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What makes Singapore Maths Academy so effective?

1. Certification: Singapore Maths Academy is officially trained and certified by Dr Yeap Ban Har, Singapore.
Dr Yeap is the Principal of the Marshall Cavendish Institute, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development at Pathlight School.
He also works with the Curriculum Planning and Development Division of the Ministry of Education in Singapore.

2. We have the complete curriculum math materials from Kindergarten to Primary 6 and Secondary Year 7 to Year 11, textbooks, student workbooks and detailed teachers guides to develop strong foundation for mathematics for your child. All are approved by Singapore Ministry of Education. (not just worksheets and repeated exercises)

3. We also use professional teaching tools to develop children's understanding of Mathematics and Problem Solving using the Singapore method of teaching maths; CONCRETE ; PICTORIAL; & ABSTRACT (CPA).

With the new changes in our National Maths Curriculum to focus on problem solving and higher order thinking skills (HOTS or KBATS) our Singapore Maths classes will help your child to perform better in school.
KBAT or HOTs ( Higher Order Thinking Skills)  Are you ready to take on this change ? Is your child prepared for the new system? Singapore took the lead years ago to review and change its educational system. Today, Singapore Math and Science made headlines after headlines, the wholesome education is preparing its citizens for the ever changing world.
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+6017 362 5505

Complete learning in Mathematics cannot be properly taught to young children with just drilling of worksheets. A complete range of teaching materials and a properly trained teacher is absolutely essential.
In our Singapore Maths Academy we provide all our students with a complete set of instructional materials and guided by trained teachers including extra supplementary materials needed for weaker students or for those that need extra challenge.
Our program is relevant to preprimary, primary and secondary children of all schools.
Our full curriculum materials are based on international edition approved by Ministry of Education in Singapore.
In 15th May our students joined the International Singapore Math Competition, the result was released on 27th July. Our students get awarded gold, silver and bronze for Yr 3 to Yr 6. There is another competition coming soon in 28th July which is Australia Maths Competition and our students are joining too.
IS Math just about numbers?
Come talk to us on how Singapore Math Academy can help your child develop his or her critical thinking skills; achieve better grades, cultivate interest in math and most importantly, be able to face the challenges in life and solve problems.
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